Adventureproof Leash - Pink

Collar LLC

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Designed to team back with your Custom Adventureproof Collar, each leash is 4 feet in length, extra strong, durable and oh so fashionable!  Waterproof PVC is coated around strong nylon webbing to ensure your pup is ready for all anything the outdoors will throw at him, while still looking super fetch!

We love PVC leashes and collars for their light weight and dirt resistant qualities.  Simply wash under running water to remove mud, sand and dirt.

Hardware is rust resistant carbon coated stainless steel and the best part yet - this leash will not stretch if your dog is a puller - win, win!

Please note, these leashes are made to order by hand in Europe and will be subject to a 3-4 week construction timeframe.

If your size states sold out, please contact us for more information as this means the vendor in Europe is low in materials - we will be able to tell you when it will be available to order again.