Rolled Leather Multi Leash - Black

Collar LLC

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Deck your mascot out in stylish European nappa leather in the hottest colours!

Designed to team back with your Custom Rolled Leather Collar, each handcrafted leash can be used as a 4, 5 or 6 foot leash, double dog leash as well as a hands free option. In addition it is super functional for tethering as the second clip can be wrapped around a pole or similar, and clipped onto one of the rings, eliminating the need to unclip your dog's collar and risk him getting loose. These fantastic multi way leashes are extra strong, durable and oh so fashionable! Genuine nappa leather is rolled around strong nylon rope to ensure your pup is safe while looking super fetch!

While vibrant in colour, these leashes are made from specially dyed leather that will not leave marks on your dog's fur or your hands, even when wet - bonus!

Please note, these collars are made to order by hand in Europe and will be subject to a 3-4 week construction timeframe.

If your size states sold out, please contact us for more information as this means the vendor in Europe is low in materials - we will be able to tell you when it will be available to order again.

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