Organic Catnip Sardine Set


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These felt sardine catnip toys are perfect for hipster cats who are tired of the same old plastic balls and cheap mouse toys. These toys will not only keep kitty entertained, there mod styling will look great in your home too.

Each set includes 3 handcrafted sardines.  Each one is sewn out of luscious aquamarine merino wool blend felt (this is the best felt around, and it's made in America!) and then stuffed with high potency, certified organic catnip. A touch of fibre fill gives the little fishies poof and squishability and then finally the eyes are sewn onto each side.

They measure 4.5" long and at the widest point are about 1.25" wide.
Since these are handmade, the detailing on the sardines you receive may be slightly different than the sardines in the photo.

Handcrafted in San Francisco.

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