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July 20, 2017


If you follow us on our Insta @mascotpetoutfitters, you may have noticed we love to repost great content from our favourite Petstagrams.  So for today's installment of Mascot Loves, we have curated (in no particular order) a list of our favourite 10 Petsta models for your viewing pleasure.  Enjoy!


Hailing from our very own New Zealand, Nico is the top dog of his own Instagram account, which also stars his little sister Luna. Both Nico and Luna are Italian Greyhounds who spend their days being the most photogenic pups in all the land. Not only that but their antics are captured beautifully by their very own professional photographer from Thievery Studios and accompanied by cheeky captions. Stunning to look at and mixed with a hefty dose of fashion and hilarity, Nico and Luna's content literally never disappoints.


A.K.A Bandito the Cat and Luigi the Pug - these two may fight like cat and dog but they are the best of friends, having travelled 1500km across Spain with their parents Sebastian and Finn. When their Insta is not being updated with photos of them tucked in their parent's backpacks, hiking through the exotic European countryside, it features hilarious videos of them at home performing renditions of Beyonce's 'Crazy in Love' or taking part in their very own Jurassic Park movie. Adorable, hilarious, amazing - follow now.


Possibly one of the most beautiful cats you will ever lay eyes on, Smoothie is a glorious redheaded British Longhair from the Netherlands. She is pretty much the epitome of Insta-famous - she has her very own You Tube channel and a mural was painted of her right here in Auckland during the summer months. With her hypnotic emerald eyes and hilariously intense expression, Smoothie is always providing us with a laugh, whether it's her on point captions or videos of her being photobombed by her equally gorgeous little brother Milkshake.


Aesthetically, Bianca and Cinni's Instagram is probably one of the most impressive petstagram feeds you will come across. Cinni is a stunning blue merle Border Collie from Munich, and her account features a whimsical photographic style, which works beautifully with her ghostly grey colouring. You'll find her running through long grass under sunsets, dressed in pastel collar sets and unicorn themed accessories.


On his thirtieth birthday, Rafael's wife left him.  She took everything - furniture, cookware, utensils and decor. She left him with nothing but an empty apartment, blank walls and their Pitbull Jimmy, named after her favourite shoe designer Jimmy Choo. Rafael found inspiration in the newly blank white walls and his best friend Jimmy, who loved running around in the huge new space, and so began one of the greatest Insta-stories. Rafael and Jimmy have since been featured on Bored Panda,, Huffington Post and the Daily Mail with their original and hilarious artwork featuring Jimmy and Rafael's cartoon artwork against blank white walls. An inspiring story, illustrative talent and a rock solid friendship - three reasons why this is one of our favourite feeds to follow!


One of the most unique petstagrams we've come across has to be the feed of Pumpkin, an orphaned raccoon living the good life with her two best friends, rescue pups Oreo and Toffee. Having fallen out of a tree into Rosie Kemp's backyard at a month old, Pumpkin had a broken back leg and was incredibly weak. When Pumpkin's mother did not return for her, Rosie and her daughter took Pumpkin in and raised her like one of their own - feeding her round the clock and keeping her warm and toasty. Now Pumpkin lives with Rosie, her husband William and pups Toffee and Oreo, where she seems to rule the roost!


Despite having the most epic Instagram handle, there are many reasons why Bruce Wayne was named the Best Pet Micro Influencer 2017 at @blogpaws. A Chihuahua from the USA with the most amazing flag-ears you've ever seen, Bruce's Insta mainly features him looking adorable in different outfits, advertising his favourite pet products. Talk about influential - if Bruce Wayne has it, we want it!


Hank is the mini pig internet sensation that we all need in our lives. Growing up in New Orleans, Hank's Insta documents his day to day adventures, whether it's road tripping through the US, partying at Mardi Gras, hanging with the New Orleans Police Department or being fitted with a tux! It's safe to say this little guy knows how to live life to the fullest, and is an inspiration to us all!

PS - make sure you check out the videos of Hank when he's running - or in his words "has a case of the zoomies"


Hedgy & Friends chronicles the life and musings of Hedgy and Hedgehog, along with his friends, in their home of Long Island, NY. Photos of Hedgy snuggled up in an open watermelon, lying in the sand and floating in a pool in a very trendy flamingo cup holder with have you squealing with the case of the warm fuzzies. We love this account for our daily dose of 


With their squashy faces and squidgy tummies, it's easy to see why Frenchies are one of the most searched hashtags on Instagram at the moment. Weston & Fira are Cali pups, living the life travelling, staying in luxe dog friendly hotels and just generally looking chic. If you love beautiful feeds, this is one for you as it features neutral tones, beautiful decor and of course, French Bulldog goodness! And if you want to take your love a bit further, you can pop on their website to purchase Frenchie themed clothing and accessories!

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